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Metacrafters: Building The Future Of Web3

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December 1, 2022
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Table of Contents

Imagine this scenario: you have the ability to time travel to the 90s with all your memories and knowledge — including your awareness of the rapid internet boom that is yet to come.

You have an early start on building the web! 

No search engines, social networks, instant messengers, or video platforms exist yet. The opportunity is massive, and the possibilities are endless.

The bad news: we are not in the 90s, and we do not have a time machine (yet). 

The good news: you are standing at the forefront of a completely new internet. 

You’ve likely heard of web3, blockchain, or the metaverse. Although these terms can feel like abstract notions, they are grounded in real, life-changing opportunities. 

No time travel is necessary - it’s your turn to get an early start on the rapidly growing, ever-evolving world of web3.

The Tectonic Shift

The meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies has created a new era of decentralized applications and smart contracts.

These technologies are often collectively referred to as Web 3.0, and they represent the future of the internet. 

This “new” internet is different from what we are used to - Web3 is open, accessible, and censorship-resistant.

Another revolutionary feature of Web3 is ownership. On the internet, as we know it, you do not really own or control anything. You just rent it, and it can be taken away.

On Web3, through blockchain, smart contracts, and ledgers - you have the ultimate ownership and possession of digital assets. Be it an NFT or voting right in DAO. It is YOURS. 

Web3 in 2022 is at a comparable stage as the Internet was in 1990. Sure, there is already some activity around it, but what will happen in the next 5,10,15 years remains beyond our wildest predictions.

This once-in-a-lifetime shift is starting to happen:

Metaverse is a rapidly growing market that will revolutionize the way we interact with each other. This “paradigm shift” will create an unprecedented demand for developers and support a widespread readiness to pay “over-market” salaries. 

Sounds familiar? It should. In 90s "pre .com" era, the landscape was the same with one exception. Web3 opportunity is much bigger than anything we have seen before. 

Here is how quickly technologies and apps were adopted by 50 mil users:

  • Computers - 14 years
  • Internet - 7 years
  • WeChat - 1 year 
  • PokemonGo - 19 days

The more technology we have, the quicker we adopt new ideas. While it may have taken the internet 7 years to grow to 50 mil users, it took only 4 years to grow from 3.9bn to 5bn users!  

We have just seen the tip of the scale, adoption acceleration, and amount of investments that will go into Web3. 

The main problem remains the same as at the beginning of the internet growth. Not everyone sees this opportunity, and those who do are unsure how to take advantage of it.

This is why we decided to create Metacrafters - a bridge between the crypto-curious people and the opportunities that Web3 brings. 

What Is "Metacrafters"? 

Metacrafters is a multiplayer game that will teach you to build in Web3 and earn while learning.

Millions of users had first-hand experience with the play-to-earn model of Axie Infinity, but they were still in the role of consumers. We want to change that and empower those consumers to become creators of the metaverse.

Through our multichain educational platform and learn-and-earn model, we will help Web2 developers acquire competitive skills to get ahead in the Web3 economy.

How Does Learn-and-Earn Work?

At the Metacrafters core lies a learn-and-earn protocol that we are developing. It stands on two main pillars:


Nowadays, recruiters and employers have no way of knowing if a candidate's resumé is valid or if their JavaScript certificate has any value. 

Is it real? Did the candidate exaggerate qualifications? Can an issuing company be verified as legitimate?

Self-reported qualifications are not reliable proof of an applicant’s knowledge and skills.

We solved this! Within the learn-and-earn protocol, students (or Crafters, as we refer to them in the Metacrafters metaverse) can earn a Proof of Learn NFT. 

All your certificates, achievements, and digital diplomas will be stored as proof of learn NFT, immutable on the blockchain, and verified as a credential you have earned.

Through our robust educational curriculum and extensive network of employers, we will ensure that the received certificate has weight and that you are connected with real-life earning opportunities! 


Tokenization is where our learn-and-earn concept comes to life. With Metacrafters, you will be able to earn cryptocurrency while learning Web3 skills that can unlock even more earning and employment opportunities.

This is how it works: you can start with a free introductory level course that requires a bit of Web2 coding skills.

Upon completion, you’ll receive proof of learn NFT, your on-chain credential, a treasure NFT that can be used in the Metacrafters game world, and a 25% discount on the next course in the series.

Now you can take the next course, normally costing $500 for only $375.  

Upon successful completion of this course within 30 days, you’ll receive a pack of course completion rewards:

  • A proof of learn NFT;
  • A treasure NFT;
  • A 90% tuition reimbursement;
  • 75% of a $250 sponsored reward.

By the end of the course, you will have the needed skills to start applying for Web3 jobs.

(We will let you in on a secret - Metacrafters is building a network of prospective employers, so you could have Web3 Dev job opportunities lined up right after you finish the course!)

What Will You Learn?

While Metacrafters will be a multichain educational platform, the platform is launching its pilot program with Solana’s programming language, Rust.

All Metacrafters courses will be filled with detailed video guides, practical exercises, and quizzes. 

In contrast to other learning methods, where you have to study in isolation, Metacrafters has a strong community and a collaboration-based model.

Access to mentors and Discord discussions with your peers will allow you to learn efficiently and will keep you progressing through the courses. 

Our teachers are some of the top minds in the industry! For example, our course about using JavaScript in Solana is taught by no other than Isabel Sieh.

Isabel started to code when she was 10 years old, and before she reached 18 years of age, she founded two coding schools and became an outstanding Web3 developer!  

Below are the first modules that you will be able to take: 

Module 1: Getting To Know Solana

This is an introductory module to Solana. You will learn what Solana is, what are the main benefits of this blockchain and what technology powers it! 

Module 2: Starting With Solana Using JavaScript

We will teach you how to create a keypair, airdrop SOL to a wallet, and even deploy your first Solana program! 

Module 3: Tokens In Solana

In this module, we will explain the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens in Solana. You will also create an SPL token and even mint your first NFT! 

Module 4: Rust For Solana

You will learn how to write code in Rust, and we will also introduce you to Anchor for Solana. 

We picked this particular curriculum as our first phase because, after you complete it, you will have an applicable knowledge of Web3 development and can start to apply for jobs (or launch your own Web3 project!).

There will be many more modules as we move forward. These ones are just a fraction of what Metacrafters has on its roadmap!

Web3 Developer Employment Opportunities 

The program that Metacrafters has to offer will be a great fit for those who already have experience with Web2 programming. But it can also create a base for those just starting their coding journey. 

With the gained knowledge, you will be able to create a portfolio - which is extremely important when applying for Web3 jobs. That alone will give you a major competitive edge when negotiating your salary.

You will also receive a certificate confirming that you successfully completed the modules. Our unique education concepts, vision, and strong partners (Solana, Flow, Avalanche, and Polygon Foundations - just to name a few) are helping us to get a lot of visibility, empowering the proof of learn certificate that will confirm your skills.

Depending on your proficiency and the projects that you have built, you will be considered a Junior, Mid, or Senior Developer with the following salary ranges:

  • Junior: $50k-$80k
  • Mid: $80k-$125k
  • Senior: $125k+

From time to time, you may even see various “outliers” offering salaries significantly over the market standard. 

The more you will know and the more projects you will have in your portfolio - the higher your chances of getting such a position. 

The final remuneration is, of course, individual. Not only is it based on your experience and skills, but also on your projects and how you will perform on the interview.

Last but not least, it will depend on the company you are joining. (Keep an eye on our blog, we will soon post tips on how to choose the best company to work for.)

Want To Hear A Story? 

Building a platform where you can learn with fellow devs is only part of our focus — we are equally dedicated to creating an immersive gaming experience that ties directly with blockchain and Web3 principles.

By learning through Metacrafters, not only are you building your future but you are also invited to join the resistance to restore freedom to the internet.

Metacrafters takes place during a Dark Age for knowledge when Central Authority controls all the portals that provide access to the web.

Years pass when a brilliant magician named Nakamoto discovers a magical block that could overcome the Centralian tyranny.

Though he may have found the key to defeating the Centrallians, most of the chain magic remains largely undiscovered. As it stands, no single mage is strong enough to carry the weight of the knowledge that would allow them to fully use chain magic's immense potential.

You are invited to join one of the guilds that follow Nakamoto's teachings, called the Great Houses, and play a pivotal role in the decentralized resistance.  

The story will unfold in the Academy, where you will access secret knowledge, discover sacred blocks and learn how to use chain magic.

As you gain more experience as a web3 developer, you will also gain strength as the crafter in the game world.

Will you acquire all the knowledge and become a Master Crafter who will defeat Centrallians and build a free and open web?

What Is Next?

The good news: If you are reading this, you are just in time! Metacrafters is about to launch a Pilot Program of free introductory modules this fall. 

Be among the first coders to secure a coveted spot on our immersive learning platform, where crafters earn NFTs and credit for completed courses. 

The more courses you complete, the more power you harness in the Metacrafters Metaverse.

Apart from extending the existing modules, we are also preparing courses on Solidity and other learning materials and resources that will uplevel your coding skills and developer credentials. 

Join our communities on Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram for the latest updates on our platform launch and waitlist openings. 

Key Takeaways

  • Web3 talent and particularly developers are in great demand, and salaries are at record highs. 
  • Metacrafters is a multi-chain education platform that will bridge the gap between people and the opportunities that Web3 brings.
  • We aim to give experienced and aspiring Web2 developers the skills they need to excel in the Web3 environment and help them get ahead.
  • Learn-and-earn will allow you to earn cryptocurrency as you successfully complete the modules.
  • Earning a Proof of Learn NFT serves as an on-blockchain credential to verify your skills and experiences.


What is “learn and earn”?

Through a learn and earn protocol, Metacrafters incentivizes aspiring coders to develop web3 skills and earn cryptocurrency for each successfully completed module. TLDR: You will be learning valuable new skills and getting paid while doing it!

What is a Proof of Learn NFT? 

Metacrafters has created a unique approach to skills and certificate verification - Proof Of Learn NFT. 

This NFT will serve as evidence that you completed the course, and it will be verifiable and accessible by any recruiter or employer worldwide.

What is Rust?

Rust is a general-purpose programing language that Solana supports for its on-chain programs. 

What is a Smart Contract?

It is a computer protocol intended to execute, record, or verify that action follows the "terms" of that contract.

Who are Centralians?

Centralians are a group of powerful entities which control access to all portals leading to the free internet.

What is Chain Magic?

Chain Magic is a mysterious force that can be created by learning and connecting the sacred blocks.

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